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Advertising Properties

Properties are advertised every day. They are advertised in the following ways:

  •  Via the Properties and recent lets search panel on this website.

The adverts tell you the landlord, location, size, rent and other features of the property to help you decide which properties are right for you.

Where available a photograph of the property or a similar house type is provided and you can access information about the local area and facilities.

The advert also tells you if there are any special requirements that the applicant must meet, such as age requirements and which band will be given priority for the property.
If you are not in the band stated you may still apply for the property providing it is suitable for your family size.

A range of symbols are used to tell you about the property.
   Preference given to band 2   

 Pets not allowed




  Rooms measurements available
  Preference given to band 3  

 Dogs not allowed

   District heating
  Preference given to band Transfer  

Property energy efficiency rating (A-G)

   Steps to property (0-3+)
  Number of bedrooms  

 Decoration allowance

   Minimun age of main and joint applicants  

 Electric Heating

   Property has a garden  

 Gas Heating



   Supported housing  

Off street parking



   Pets allowed  
Expressing Your Interest in a Property

To apply for a property you must tell us that you wish to be considered for it. You may only apply for a property that is suitable for your family size.

You can express your interest or bid, as it is also known, in one of the following ways:

  • Online through our website. You will be able to login using your housing application number and your memorable date
  • Via our mobile friendly website allowing you to bid on the move, just use the URL

Properties available to rent are advertised every day and will run for a full six day cycle.

You will be able to bid for a maximum of 3 properties during the time they are advertised. 

Properties Currently Available

To find out the properties currently available click on the Properties and recent lets search panel.

Helping You to Use the Service

If you or someone you know would like help to use our service please contact our Housing Advice Team. Click Contact us for details and opening hours.