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You will be able to apply for properties through Rotherham's Keychoices scheme if you are a housing applicant and have registered on the housing register or you are a tenant of Rotherham Council or one of our partner Housing Associations and have registered for a transfer. Click here for details on who can use the service.

Either at the start of the scheme or when you are accepted on to the housing register we will write to tell you:

  • Your housing application number
  • The band your application has been placed in and your priority date. Click Prioritising Applications for more information.

Keeping your Information up to Date 

It is very important that you keep your details up to date. You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances so that we can reassess your application and if necessary make changes to your band and relevant date. Failure to do this may mean that you miss out on a new home. Giving false information could result in your application being cancelled or in prosecution.

You should notify us of any changes since your original application. These include:

Change of Address

You will need to inform your local RMBC district office of your change of address, or alternatively you can contact a member of staff at the Key Choices Property Shop. A change of circumstances form will have to be completed and your application may need to be reassessed accordingly.

Change of Family Details
You will need to tell us about any changes in the number of people being rehoused with you, as this may affect the size of home you are entitled to.

Changes to your Medical Situation

If your medical circumstances change please notify us by contacting the Medical Assessment team.

Other Circumstances

You should notify us of any changes that may affect your housing application. This may include for example support from agencies or notice from your landlord. We may need documents showing proof of your change in circumstances i.e. notice to quit from your landlord.

Property Size

You will only be eligible for properties that are suitable for the size of your family, and property types that suit your needs. For example:
A couple with three children would not be eligible for a one bedroom flat;
A single person would not be eligible for a 3 bedroom house; 
An able bodied member would not need an adapted property with wheelchair access. Please see What can I apply for further details