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Home Ownership & Shared Ownership


Affordable Housing and Shared Ownership Take a Look

A HomeBuy agent is a one stop shop allowing you to apply for a whole host of schemes and developments regardless of the supplier just by completing one application form.
The Government backed 'Help to Buy Scheme' specialise in shared and low cost home ownership as well as affordable homes to rent now and buy later. 

Shared ownership is normally a first step towards owning your own home. It is a way of partly owning and partly renting your home.
For example you can buy half your home and pay rent for the remaining share.

Take a look at these Help to Buy DVD's, you may be surprised at what you can afford to buy.

Rorher Living
Shared Ownership
Help to Buy how does it work?
Am I eligible?

Can I afford it?


You may be able to get financial help through a government home ownership scheme if you live in England and can't afford to buy a home. The link below will help you find out more.