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Prioritising applications

Rotherham Council uses a banding scheme to give preference to applications. All housing and transfer applications received for rented accommodation will be assessed and placed in one of four bands, shown below. The details below set out the banding scheme and gives examples of those applicants who would be eligible to be placed in each band.

Who is in Band 1

Band 1 is for people who need to move urgently, it is the highest band.  Their case is assessed by a panel and if awarded band 1 the applicant will be entitled to choose up to 5 areas and be entitled to 1 offer of accommodation.  When determining suitable areas the Housing Assessment Panel will consider the property household size, the type and size of property and stock levels as well as turnover and demand, along with any support or educational/employment needs. 

You can remain in band one for 28 days.  If there have been suitable properties advertised in the agreed areas and you do not bid the Band 1 status will be cancelled.   The time limit reflects the urgency of those in this band to move. 

The following households are in Band 1:

• Leaving her majesties armed forces, or is a family member who has resided with the service personal and has no accommodation to return to. 

• Service sector tenants leaving employment who have no accommodation.

• Applicants who live in an adapted property or Disabled persons unit who have no need of the adaptation

• Multiple Priority needs

• Applicants who are terminally ill

• Applicants bed blocking in hospital

• Applicants subject to Multi agency risk assessment conferences, MARAC meetings and are victims of domestic violence or someone threatened with violence including Adult Protection.

• Applicants who’s homes are subject to repair, renewal or emergency prohibition orders or where demolition through regeneration schemes results in  only 25% of the scheme remain occupied.

• Housing management lettings due to fire, floods, violence or exceptional circumstances which require a move for safety

• Applicants subject to Adult or children safeguarding

• Applicants that are guardians, adopters or prospective foster carers

•  Applicants who have lived in temporary supported accommodation for more than 6 months

• Applicants of Council or Housing Association that wish to downsize by one bedroom because they are in financial difficulties due to welfare reform.  Or they are the tenant of a 4 bedroom house and wish to downsize to 2 bedroom house.


Who is in band 2

Applicants in band 2 qualify for two offers, if you refuse both these offers your application will be cancelled and you will not qualify to go on the register for two years.

The following households are in band 2:

• Homeless applicants in priority need

• Applicants who’s homes are subject to repair renewal, demolition or prohibition order

• Applicants with a medical need

• Households in low paid work or attending college/university who cannot afford to maintain other housing option such as private rented or home ownership

• Victims of domestic violence not subject to MARAC

• Statutorily overcrowded

• Requiring move on from supported accommodation.


Who is in band 3

Applicants in band 3 qualify for two offers, if you refuse both these offers your application will be cancelled and you will not qualify to go on the register for two years.

The following households are in band 3:

• Homeless applicants with no priority need who are living in temporary accommodation with family or friends or have been served notice by their current landlord

• Homeless applicants who refuse a suitable/affordable offer of either Council, RSL or private rented sector offer and the homelessness duty has ended – applicants in this category will only receive on offer and if no bids placed in 12 months will be cancelled.

• Households who lack amenities or where the applicant is not in work and cannot afford to maintain the rent or mortgage

• Family’s forced to live apart who are neither tenants nor owners of a property.

• Applicants living in mobile caravans or boats with no static amenities

• Applicants living in Council flats with children under 12 years of age.

• Applicants with children who have chosen to accept a Council tenancy which is a ground floor flat in order to avoid being homeless.

• Applicants who are living with family or friends on a permanent basis and are now ready to move on.


Who is in Band 4

The following applicants are in band 4:

  • Applicants with a local connection to Rotherham
  • Applicants with no debt owing to the Council or other Landlord
  • Applicants who have not been evicted during the last 5 years
  • Applicants with no history of anti-social behaviour in the last 2 years 
  • Applicants who don’t qualify to be in the other bands

Who is in the transfer band

Council tenants will not be allowed to transfer within one year of their tenancy start date

The transfer band is for current Rotherham Council Tenants and Housing Association Tenants who want to downsize. Transfer applicants should have been a good tenant and have had no tenancy breaches in the last two years.  The local Area Housing Officer will verify and confirm if a current Rotherham Council Tenant qualifies to transfer. We will contact your current landlord for a reference.

Council tenants who want to move are required to register on HomeSwapper